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5 Travel Tips During COVID-19

Have you ever imagined the travel world after COVID-19 travel ban? It is going to be a different experience from our usual travel lifestyle. With the lockdown been lifted gradually around the world, flights are set to resume soon. Here are five tips to keep in mind if you are planning to travel soon:

1. Pack the Travel Essentials

Hand sanitizers, wipes, face masks and sometimes gloves should be the first things to pack. Make sure you put them in your carry-on or handbags as you may need it on board. Go for moisturising hand sanitizers to prevent having dry cracked palm.

2. Early Arrival in the Airport

This is no longer the time to leave your home 30 minutes before your flight. Prepare to leave two hours earlier than your previous timing. There will certainly be increased security and health screenings as well as social distancing when entering the airport and boarding the plane. Try as much as possible not to miss your flight because it might be more expensive than before to book another seat for the next flight

3. Keep Tabs on Travel Updates

Travel rules and regulations are constantly changing. We will advise you to keep tabs on necessary travel news about new trends and Stay up to date with the ongoing regulations and travel requirements. 

4. Don’t Skip Travel Insurance

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 travel insurance might be one of the required travel documents. Your next outing might be booked through a travel advisor and insured, too. Regardless of whether it is important or not, we will advise you to have travel insurance when you are travelling. You can always contact us to assist you with your travel insurance at an affordable price.

5. Book from trusted agents

Be careful of some juicy deals that might come after the pandemic subsides, stick to your trusted travel agents when booking your trips to avoid “stories that touch the heart” Triplisters is always ready to assist you with all your travel needs.

What more! We are so excited to start exploring the world and it is going to be extraordinary for anyone that book with us. Tell us in the comment section which country you will be visiting first…

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