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Packing List: 7 Important In-Flight Items

Choosing the perfect clothes to pack for a trip is quite stressful, let alone picking the essentials you might need to pack in your carry-on or personal item for a flight. Triplisters is here with a beautifully composed list of 7 important in-flight items you must always put in your hand luggage when travelling to make your next flight much easier;

1. A notebook and a pen

You may not be a writer but you can always make most of your time if you are sleeping to plan your itineraries, make a list of things you need to do as soon as you land, note important contacts or addresses or just doodle!


2. An inflatable pillow

Do not depend on your airline to provide pillows because even if they do, it might not be the most comfortable one. Take with you a neck pillow that supports your neck and head so that you can sleep peacefully and wake up without any pain in your neck. You can always opt for the inflatable pillow that can be twisted into several positions for all-around comfort.


3. An eye mask

Sleeping in the dark is not only easier, but it is also scientifically proven to leave you a lot more relaxed than when you sleep under bright lights. Carry an eye mask so that you can block out any bright light coming from the windows or night lights on the aircraft.


4. A thick scarf or pashmina

The temperatures inflight can seriously fluctuate throughout the trip, and more often than not, it will get chilly. On most long flights, you’ll be provided with a fleece blanket but it is always advisable to come prepared with your own thick wrap!


5. Thick woollen socks

Sitting for long periods of time is not great for many reasons, and there is always a potential for a blood clot. Bring a pair of wool hiking socks with you, so that it can help the circulation of blood at the feet region

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6. USB Charging Cords

It is possible to have USB sockets in your seat compartment. Bring your own cord so that you can charge your phone, iPad, or any other technology while you fly. You need your phone to keep you away from boredom.

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7. Change of Clothes

It’s always advisable to bring extra clothes in your carry-on in case your flight gets delayed (very common during winter weather seasons), or in case the airline loses your checked luggage so that you won’t be stranded

…pssst! Besides these items, what you carry depends on the flight duration, which will vary depending on whether you’re flying internationally or domestically.

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