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How to Extend Your 21 Days Annual Leave to 42 Days

Be the envy of your colleagues as you make most of the public holidays and your annual leave in 2019. Turn your 21 days leave to 42 days of travel by putting together a travel plan. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, but with a little bit of planning, you are pretty sure to earn yourself a few extra days and make most of your holidays this year.


Holiday is Coming…

With Easter holiday falling in April, you have more days to explore those top dreamy international destinations on your travel list. Why not explore the adventurous themed parks in Dubai, thriving souks in Morocco or feed the Giraffe at the Manor in Nairobi? Or you can simply opt to go local by taking a trip to Osun State or lazing around the unspoilt beaches at Ibeshe Island.

You would hit yourself hard if you fail to make most of the summer break in July to Istanbul. Start by enjoying early Christmas celebration in Capetown.  For a different travel experience, take a Carribean cruise to the USA. If you have all this in mind, we have pulled together a year’s worth of holiday ideas for you…

unforgettable holiday-triplisters-turquoise holiday


April- Let’s go Shopping!

Public Holidays

19th of April – Easter Holiday

20th of April-Easter Holiday

21st of April-Easter Holiday

22nd of April – Easter Holiday

1st of May – Workers Day

Leave dates: 19th of April – 1st  of May, 2019.

Add 6 days from your (21days) annual leave from 23rd to 30th of April. Count the total numbers of days, starting from the free public holidays and include the weekends, you get the total of 13days.

Where to go: Dubai

For a memorable Easter break, get ready to experience adventure at its peak at the IMG World in Dubai or Shop till you drop at Dubai Mall. You can wrap up your vacation in a grand style by spending the remaining days at one of the luxurious apartment on Ilashe Island. No matter what you choose, you are in for a treat here!


May- Take off the Stress in Marrakech, Morocco

Public Holidays

27th May – Children’s day

29th May – Democracy Day

Leave dates: 27th of May – 2nd of July, 2019

Add 2 days from your (21days) annual leave from 30th of May to 31st of May. Count the total numbers of days, starting from the free public holidays and include the weekend, you get the total of 7days.

Where to go: Marrakech, Morocco

This is a place where noon-time strolls can still be enjoyable, where there’s no need to sacrifice on culture and food. Walk through tiny cobblestone streets, which are like stepping back in time, then head to the Marrakech main square for the sound of storytellers, snake charmers and Berber musician. Don’t miss the henna tattooists on the colourful cushioned sidelines and vendors hawking delicious fresh coffee. You can look forward to ending your days by diving into the warm ocean – it’s time well spent. Nairobi is also a good choice if you’re looking forward to travelling at the off-season when the tourist spots are not so crowds.


June  – Laze around the beaches in Zanzibar

Public Holidays

5th June – Eid-el-Fitr

6th June – Eid-el-Fitr

Leave dates: 5th June – 9th of June, 2019

Add 1 day from your (21days) annual leave on the 7th of June. Count the total numbers of days, starting from the free public holidays and include the weekend, you get the total of 5days.

Where to go: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Who can resist the idea of lazing around the beautiful beaches in Zanzibar while exploring mile after mile of the storied rocky coastline? If you are planning to start the summer in a fanciful way, then Zanzibar should come first on your list! It offers visitors a perfect balance of magnificent beaches, national parks and fabulous nightlife.

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August – Head to the Tip of the World in Nassau, Bahamas

Public Holidays

12th August – Id el Kabir

13th August -Id el Kabir

Leave dates: 10th August – 18th of August, 2019

Add 3 days from your (21days) annual leave. Count the total numbers of days, starting from the free public holidays and include the weekend, you get the total of 9days.

Where to go: Istanbul

Prepare yourself for the ultimate summer getaway in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Straddled between the Asia and Europe continent, the city provides a heady delicious mix of intriguing cultures, architecture and food. Want more? Join Triplisters for 7 days getaway, and you will have the perfect opportunity to get off and explore. It is a destination worth visiting this summer.


October- Best Time to Explore Nigeria

Public Holiday

1st October – Independence Day

Where to go: Ibeshe Island

Take a weekend getaway in the serene Ibeshe Island and let the beauty of Lagos enthral you with the stunning landscape and breathtaking scenery. Take a walk along the beautiful beach coastline or quadbike around the palm trees and sloppy road For a better view, you can choose the upper floor resorts that give you an incredible sight of the beautiful Island – a feat not many Nigerians have ticked off their bucket lists. Enjoy fantastic hospitality, excellent dining selection and lovely kids facilities.

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November- Palms, Reefs and Beaches in The Maldives

Public Holidays

10th November – Mohammed’s Birthday

Where to go: Abu Dhabi

From scorching desert, blissful nature, magnificent architecture, Islamic cultural splendour to year-round sunshine, this multicultural city; Abu Dhabi, offers something for everyone regardless of their age and interest. If you are a night bird and love to have fun in the night, this city which is eligible to compete with Vegas is definitely yours to have a blast. The city is embedded in hotels, bars, dance and jazz clubs, shisha lounges and so much more, which means only one thing. You can party all night!

Ferarri World-triplisters

December – Have A White Christmas in Capetown or Croatia!

Public Holidays

24th of December

25th of  December

26th of  December

1st of January, 2020

Leave dates: 21st December 2019 – 5th of January, 2020

Add the remaining 7 days from your (21days) annual leave. Count the total numbers of days, starting from the free public holidays and include the weekend, you get the total of 16days!

Where to go: Capetown or Croatia

Go on a magical journey as you explore the bright stunning landscapes of the cities with breathtaking light effects, colourful dream forests and impressive light figures. Escape to the Capetown to see take a ride on the cable ride. Wrap up your journey with a few days at the beautiful Croatia City while you explore the Christmas market. You are definitely in for a treat here!

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Do you have any exciting tips for maximising your time for travel? Or would you like to travel to any of these places? Please share your comment below…

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    The travel brand, Triplisters, has given us all a December blessing and dropped its annual calendar, which shows you how to hack 2020 by taking annual leave next to weekends and public holidays. It means you can turn your 20 days annual leave into 42 days of holidays.

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